Sickle Cell Disease TeleECHO Clinic

Project ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) is an internationally recognized telementoring innovation that build clinician knowledge in diagnosing and treating complex disorders. Project ECHO connects local clinicians with experts from sickle cell centers to learn skills necessary to deliver high quality sickle cell disease care using this proven telementoring model. 

As part of our HRSA-funded regional collaborative, we will host a SCD TeleECHO clinic every third Friday of the month from 11am-12pm (CST). During each session, an expert on sickle cell care will share a short didactic on a relevant topic. This will be followed by a case presentation and group discussion.

All healthcare providers who currently treat or are interested in treating patients with SCD are encouraged to participate. Please join us! If you are interested in participating, please email

Didactic videos are available below. 

Racial Bias and Improvement of Care [July 16, 2021]

Psychosocial Factors in the Management of Sickle Cell Disease [June 18, 2021]

Avascular Necrosis in SCD [May 21, 2021]

Losing it Anyway? Splenectomy in SCD [April 16, 2021]

Updates on Curative Therapies for SCD [March 19, 2021]

Knowledge Gaps in SCD with Contraception [February 19, 2021]

Approach to the Pregnant Woman with SCD [January 15, 2021]

Overview of 2020 ASH Guidelines for Transfusions in SCD [December 18, 2020]

Regional Anesthesia for SCD Vaso-occlusive Crisis [November 20, 2020]

Neurocognitive Complications in SCD [October 16, 2020]

Hyper- Hemolysis and SCD [September 18, 2020]

Telemedicine in SCD [August 21, 2020]

Brief Overview of Buprenorphine [July 17, 2020]

Osteomyelitis [June 19, 2020]


Acute Chest Syndrome [May 15, 2020]


Perioperative Management in SCD [March 20, 2020]


New Therapies in SCD [March 20, 2020]


Curative Therapies [December 20, 2019]


Managing Acute Fever [November 15, 2019]


Managing Acute Vaso-Occlusive Crises [October 18, 2019]


Reproductive Health Challenges in SCD [September 20, 2019]


Stroke Prevention in SCD [August 16, 2019]


Screening for Retinopathy [July 19, 2019]


Screening for Hypertension [June 21, 2019]


Electrocardiogram Screening in Patients with SCD [April 19, 2019]


Screening for Pulmonary Hypertension and Disease [March 15, 2019]


Screening for Renal Disease [February 15, 2019]


TCD Guidelines [January 18, 2019]


Addressing Psychosocial Complications in Patients with SCD [November 16, 2018]


Vaccinations in SCD [October 19, 2018]


Bone Marrow Transplant [September 21, 2018]